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Fair market value (FMV) is, in its simplest expression, the price that a person reasonable interested in buying a given asset would pay to a person reasonably interested in selling it for the.

Calculating fair market rental Value for Your Rental Property. June 20, 2016; by Johns Prins, Originations Analyst. One of the most important components of managing a residential rental income property is determining the fair market rental value. Once you determine this calculation, it will help.

Fair market value is defined as "the price for which you could sell your property to a willing buyer, when neither of you has to sell or buy and both of you know all the relevant facts."

 · Ever wondered "What is my home worth?" If you’re selling your home, it’s essential to know your home’s market value.

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Property values go up and down, influenced by the current market conditions and the overall economy. When a real estate agent lists a property for sale, she needs to determine a fair market value.

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Fair Market Value (FMV) is an important concept in the valuation and exchange of real property and other property. The Internal Revenue Service uses it to determine the dollar value of charitable donations, assets converted to business use, and in various other tax-related matters.

How to determine the Fair Rental Value of my residence and furnishings? In general, the fair rental value of the property is a question of facts and circumstances based on the local real estate market.

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Fair market value definition is – a price at which buyers and sellers with a reasonable knowledge of pertinent facts and not acting under any compulsion are willing to do business.

Documentation of current market value is key. A concern of Medicaid would be if you were selling the house for under what your realtor says is fair market value. Sometimes people try to transfer property assets by selling the property to themselves, family or friends for under fair market value in an attempt to hide assets from Medicaid.