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Ideal for first-time home buyers who want to talk to a loan officer in person or on the phone, and for homeowners who want to refinance their mortgages in 60 days or less. Chase offers a full line of.

To apply for a new mortgage or refinance with Chase, interested Rapid Rewards Members can call the Rapid Rewards dedicated number at.

Chase Refinance Rates. Product Interest. A mortgage refinance means you’ll have to get approved for a new loan, have your finances and credit checked again, get a property appraisal and pay.

One of the most common examples is refinancing a 30-year mortgage to a 15-year mortgage, which typically comes with a lower interest rate, though this will result in a higher monthly payment. The same result can be achieved by just making extra payments on the old loan, but in some cases, it is not allowed by the lender or will come with prepayment penalties.

Low mortgage rates have many people thinking about buying a new home or refinancing. Don’t jump too fast, though. There are times it may not pay off. SUBSCRIBE By Michelle Fox, CNBC The recent drop in.

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But Schneider wasn’t getting what he asked for. Chase stated the loans were primary mortgages; but Schneider claims that significant numbers of them were home-equity loans or “deficiency judgments,”.

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Chase has worked with us and made refinancing easy and painless. We met our closing agent at a restaurant near our home to complete the transaction.. In 1988 we bought our first home. Our loan.

JPMorgan Chase Bank | chase home mortgage – – There is Chase Home Mortgage, which is the most common sought out, is the chase bank mortgage servicing division of the company.. chase mortgage loans customers often complain that every time they call in they get a different answer from the mortgage assistance representatives .

Chase has mortgage options to purchase a new home or to refinance an existing one. Our home equity line of credit let’s you use a home’s equity to pay for home improvements or other expenses. Get started online or with a Chase Home Lending Advisor.