best time to sell house

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The time of year can make a big difference on the sale of your home. This article will help you understand when is the best time to sell in your market!

Sometimes the best time to sell a house is simply as soon as possible. If you have to move across the country to start a new job in November, any financial benefit you may have gotten by waiting until May to sell will likely be erased by having to pay housing expenses on two properties for half a year.

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The basis for CNBC’s finding was a Zillow study, but it was not clear exactly when the data was collected, so there is a possibility that in today’s seller-friendly climate, the best time to sell a house in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St John, Nocatee, Ponte.

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The Portland metro real estate market has been improving across the board since 2012. I’ve been selling homes in the Portland area since 2003 and have noticed the same seasonal trends, year after year.

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Working out the best time to put your house on the market can often seem something of a dark art. Certainly, most experts agree that certain times of the year can prove more fruitful than others.

The summer is a transitional time for a lot of people. Some are in-between jobs due to teaching and other seasonal positions. Kids are out of school and everyone is active. People want to be settled before the new school year starts, making summer the best time to sell a house and buy a house! Both buyers and sellers are motivated to close the.

UPDATE: When is the best time to sell a house?(Part 2 of 2) I read a lot of national real estate reports.They usually have little to do with north Scottsdale real estate, but I like to stay up on the national trends so I can speak about them to our clients.

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