Advantages And Disadvantages Of Equity Financing

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Disadvantages of Equity finance equity finance is mostly adopted by small business enterprises to address the relative shortage of cash flow. Along with the advantages there are also certain disadvantages of equity finance.

advantages. Retain control. When you agree to debt financing from a lending institution, the lender has no say in how you manage your company. You make all the decisions. The business relationship ends once you have repaid the loan in full. Tax advantage. The amount you pay in interest is tax deductible, effectively reducing your net obligation.

Disadvantages of equity financing. Shared ownership – in return for investment funds, you will have to give up some control of your business. Investors not only share profits, they also have a say in how the business is run. While this has advantages, you need to think carefully about how much control you surrender.

Disadvantages of Equity Financing Remember that your investors will actually own a piece of your business; how large that piece depends on how much money they invest. You probably will not want to give up control of your business, so you have to be aware of that when you agree to take on investors.

The principal disadvantages of equity finance are: raising equity finance is demanding, costly and time consuming, and may take management focus away from the core business activities.

What Are the Key Differences Between Debt Financing and Equity Financing? Companies raise capital in a variety of ways, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

CHAPTER FIVE: Part C – Before jumping into the game of raising capital, it is very important that you critically weigh the odds of seeking external small business financing.Having looked at the advantages and disadvantages of debt financing for small businesses, let us now do the same for equity financing.

When businesses investigate opportunities, if the business mix and financing differ from the current business, then other required return calculations, like the weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

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